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DIY Landscape Center FREEBIES

Close up of 'Phantom' Petunia- black with a limey-yellow star. One of the deepest blacks I've ever seen. Unbelievable!

On Saturday, April 30th, 2011 the DIY Landscape Center will be celebrating their Grand Opening by hosting a ‘pot party’.  Okay, they told me not to call it that but the name is sort of funny! If you bring your pots/containers, they will fill them with soil FREE!  Who doesn’t love free?  

DIY Landscape Center @ Asphalt Materials

7961 South 1300 West

West Jordan, Utah 

9:00 am- Noon

 In addition, my business, Design Resource, will be there to help you get a ‘designer look’ for your containers as a free service.  Holly, a container garden EXPERT, will teach attendees how to KEEP those containers looking fabulous all season long.

Some of my temporary charges including 'Fireworks' pink fountain grass and 'Jester' Ornamental Millet

You can bring your own plants, plant your container at home later or, if you arrive early enough, buy some stunning container annuals which were hand-selected.  H0wever, there is no obligation to buy anything.  Having no idea how many people would be attending, I estimated the best I could and we’ll hope it comes out right! If there are too many plants, well, I guess my own yard will be beyond fabulous (and expensive) this season!  I carefully selected the ‘unusuals’ that most people wouldn’t think to buy or know how to use.  So go with some of the fabulous plants as the focal points and fill in any leftover space with the less-fancy annuals- which is just one of many tips we’ll be providing on Saturday.

Plants I'm reserving for my window box- "bumble bee" theme in black and limey-yellow.

If all of that isn’t enough to bring you out, then you’ll certainly want to come out to meet Joy Bossi of the radio show “Joy in the Garden” who will be broadcasting right on site!  Feel free to chat with Joy and get your questions answered!  Joy has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things landscape- and she’s a hoot as well.

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