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Shower Caps for Gardening

Do you find yourself outside gardening and need to retrieve something from the house but don’t want to go through the pain of doffing and donning your shoes from muddying your house?

I was at a dedication for a spectacular structure and this is what they did to protect their carpets while people traipsed through the building–they used white elastic-type coverings over their shoes that looked just like shower caps! And the light went on in my head…wouldn’t it be great to utilize this same trick when I need to retrieve something from the house while gardening?

So when I go outside to garden, I keep a pair of inexpensive shower caps by the door and slip them on over my shoes whenever I have to run inside. It saves my floors and my carpets.

Jeni is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska and has lived and gardened in Utah for the past 22 years. She is the owner and author of Garden Stems, an online gardening resource, and on the Advisory Council for a local botanical garden. She was featured in 2009 on Women on the Web (

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