I regret that at this time I am unable to take on individual design clients.  In addition to being a design geek, I’m a full-time working Mom with a spouse and 3 teenagers– and cats, too many cats. However, as a huge fan of Do-it-yourself and self-managed design and installation, I believe you have what it takes to create a landscape you’ll love with a little guidance.   This site is my outlet for excess creative energy but I do have a “day job” teaching and promoting regionally-appropriate landscaping for a local botanical garden which keeps me quite busy. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me but please understand I may not be as timely as we’d both like in responding to emails.  If I have not gotten back to you quickly, please send a message via Facebook where I’ll be notified immediately (I am slow with the snail mail).


I do LOVE to see your photos and everyone is inspired by before and after photos.  If you are willing to let me feature your experience using the principles taught here to recreate all or part of your landscape, I am happy to provide a little free design review of the plan you’ve created and help you fix any potential mistakes before you make them.  I can’t do it for you, but if you’re willing to share, so am I!